Reck League is a 501c3, operating in Norfolk, VA. We endeavor to create and implement continuous programming for students from underperforming schools and those within known gang and gun conflict zones. Our programming serves residents (ages 9-19), who are most susceptible to gang involvement and gun violence. We employ an innovative approach to combats those issues; with our T.R.A.I.N (Targeted Redirection of Anger Issues in Neighborhoods) initiative. Partnering this new initiative with the city and surrounding businesses will help to leverage resources to reduce gun & gang violence. Our core programming of athletics, mental health and resource support will also be added to improve program success.


Positive Anger Redirection/ Behavior Modification

Mental Health Improvement

Education Improvement (SOL, GPA Improvement, Reading at Grade Level)

Collegiate style physical training

Health living improvement tips

Peer to Peer Group Discussion

Gun & Gang Violence Prevention

Community improvement


T.R.A.I.N (Targeted Redirection of Anger Issues in Neighborhoods) is a concept program that will target individuals who have close connection to gun and gang violence in Norfolk. Participants from each neighborhood will be identified by a “Neighborhood Liaison”. Once identified, we will work to find root cause of current conflicts, create mediation points to remedy “beef” and isolate trauma that causes these individuals to revert to gun/gang activity. This will take place at T.R.A.I.N Academy and mostly consist of various group discussion, therapy sessions, etc
Currently, we have roughly 10 neighborhood mediators and 55+ high value participants from various neighborhood across Norfolk. Our mediators serve as direct POC’s for participants from specifics areas and work to enforce programs standards. In addition to being the eyes/ears on the ground, they provide real time info to T.R.A.I.N leadership.


Seniors receiving graduation diploma

Since 1984, violent crimes has risen

Adults who dont have a diploma
Children live in extreme poverty

Average family income for program kids

Of poorest neighborhoods in the U.S
Reflects lowest in terms of graduation rates of seniors in US.

Engaging in activities outside of school increase graduation rate

Hampton Roads dropout rate

Leaving so fast.

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